Radiology and Telecommunication, The obvious Effect

Radiology and medical imaging has become one of the most important medical branches. The continuous advances in radiology have helped in providing new options, not only for diagnosis, but also for treatment of several diseases such as cancer. Highly advanced radiology techniques such as molecular imaging helped researchers to understand complicated processes and mechanisms inside the human body. However, such benefits were not to be achieved without the significant advances in telecommunication, which we are about to highlight in this article.

Role of Medical Imaging & Portals:

With medical imaging undergoing deeper and deeper sub-specialization, radiology news is also being subjected to such divisions and classifications according to sub-specialties. When radiology was at its beginning, a few number of journals were enough to provide radiologists and other interested physicians with all what they needed to know. Currently, is addressing and covering a lot of radiology aspects. Some news is describing new medical imaging techniques; others are highlighting the features and benefits of a certain modality, while other news is warning against a reported drawback or an adverse effect of a particular technique. Therefore, having multiple sources today to gain radiology news from is the best choice to be updated on the latest advances in this rapidly progressing field.

Moreover, advances in telecommunication have made their significant impact on radiology news; as such advances are providing new sources to get the news from. Previously, the only available source for medical imaging news was several scientific journals prepared by medical societies, such as RSNA and ARRS. However, internet made it much easier to get the most recent radiology and medical imaging news as soon as they occur. Moreover, radiologists can now search about certain news discussing a special topic in a very easy, rapid and accurate way. Radiologists from different countries are now able to discuss and exchange their experiences through the internet, a good example would be Health Imaging Hub website that provides excellent resources for regularly updated worldwide radiology news.

At the same time, radiology and medical imaging news are not only important to radiologists, but also for diagnostic imaging modality vendors. Such companies are aiming to promote for their products and services by ensuring that any news involving them is spread to a larger number of readers. The more readers getting informed about the companies’ products, the more sales such companies would be able to achieve. Realizing this, a wide range of companies are dealing with public relations and advertising offices to confirm that their news appear in an interesting way to gain the attention of readers.  The same applies for other companies that provide healthcare IT products that are related to radiology, such as PACS and RIS.

It is true that the huge advances in telecommunication were the main reason for improved access to radiology news all over the world. Such advances are saving much time and effort and are making it so easy for any radiologist to have access to all what he needs to know in his practice, which significantly help in enhancing the level of diagnostic imaging services provided to patients across the world.

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