Health Imaging Hub, a competitor or a contributor to the radiology community?

This is the first blog I am writing after three months of the launch of Health Imaging Hub since its first BETA version release in March 2010.  There have been many questions in my mind from a user perspective as what “else” will the Hub be contributing to the / Community on the world wide web; or in other words, why an already suffocated www world will need yet another player in ? Is the Health Imaging Hub going to be a new competitor sharing the same philosophy other are doing? Or it will bring something really new to the table as a “contributor” to the radiology community?

Growing popularity of the Health Imaging Hub is one of the significant reason that I believe there is really something unique about the hub which it is presenting to the community (Health Imaging Hub is standing at #2 in privately owned radiology portals now). A few months back when I was sitting with my close friends, we were thinking of starting something unique in radiology where the main aim should be more of “educational” than “informational”.  At the same time, you cannot ignore importance of fresh information delivered to you every single day to monitor radiology industry trends.  However, we still decided to put more emphasis on the educational side of the radiologists, , medical imaging professionals and diagnostic imaging communities.

Today, when we are officially live (during SIIM 2010 Annual Meeting), I can see the dream coming true of a long-awaited radiology portal which has a mix & match of information, education & promotion for a single user or a corporate entity. Health Imaging Hub today is providing a lot of free resources, unique rich content for technologists, healthcare IT professionals or radiologists.  One of the best resource of diagnostic imaging technology webcasts on the web, delivered by industry experts including Herman Oosterwijk.  Here you can find a big collection of archived webcasts on various topics, which is an excellent learning resource.  Hub also strives to bring at least one monthly live webcast in different recent technology updates.

If you notice, under downloads, you will find a rich database of premium content which is exclusive content for Health Imaging Hub readers.  Here you will find up-to-date technology information, advances in medical imaging/diagnostic imaging, PACS administration resources, PACS jobs/salary information etc.  Premium content is updated regularly by our senior editors.  The same is true for HubPedia, a unique Wiki for medical imaging professionals, where you can search different terminology, their definition and related content in our Hubwiki, called HubPedia. A very interesting database for radiology technologists.

Coming back to the focus of Health Imaging Hub initiators “educational resources”, we have developed a separate place for learning called “Learning Center” which contains educational resources for both radiologists and technologists. Our Online University contains Free courses in PACS, RIS, , EHR, HL7 etc and we are constantly increasing further courses to cover a variety of topics.  We are bringing some of the topnotch commercial books in the form of e-books available on the hub for free reading.

Many websites are presenting Daily Radiology Cases and so does Health Imaging Hub, however being technology savvy, we believe that it’s no time now for JPGs or static images to present radiology cases.  Hence, the Hub has developed its unique where the images can be viewed in DICOM format and can be reconstructed for better learning and better interpretation.  We are still not live with the cases, but we are in the process of joining hands with prestigious institutes worldwide to bring unique daily radiology cases to our regular visitors.

As I stated earlier about “promotion”, Health Imaging Hub provides marketers and small business owners with plenty of either free or “very cost effective” tools to promote their business online.  Due to the huge traffic and already over 12,000 indexed pages in Google, your promotional activities can be visible on search engines through Hub’s strong presence. Extensive Business Directory, Radiology Forums, Submit Your News/Press Releases, Adding your video to our multimedia section, sponsoring a webcast and sending your white papers/case studies are few of the example of how you can promote yourself on hub. 

And of course you cannot resist fully functional, easy-to-navigate job portal and the good news is that it’s totally free. As an employer, you can post your job, register your company, place your company logo, your company description and as many jobs as you want totally for free. As a jobseeker, you can search our database of daily fresh radiology jobs around the world and can apply in confidence directly to the employer. You can search and find jobs in different categories and apply for the job instantly with the option of uploading your CV right from your desktop to the employer’s inbox.

One of the other concern of Health Imaging Hub was to address lack of attention to radiology communities outside US as most of the radiology portals are located and serving US communities only.  For the same reason, we are dividing hub into several geographic hence covering daily fresh news and information all over the globe, we further break it down to country level as well, so you can submit or explore news for a certain country in our dropdown country list menu.

Again, I can assure you that Health Imaging Hub is not just another domain name addition on the worldwide web, its rather complementing existing radiology portals and filling any neglected areas and technology, information and educational gap in existing portals.

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