ESA Letter – Everything you need to Know

Every day, thousands of people are diagnosed with chronic diseases like agitation, panic attacks, psychotic disorders, heart issue, diabetes, anxiety, depression etc, which are directly or indirectly related to the mental effect of person. These are invisible but are severe. Your doctor must have advised you prescriptions but at some stage, medication is not that effective. You need something more effective. This is emotional support for sure. It can work as a lifeline in several mental or health issues.

Through so many research works, it is found that some of the diseases need emotional support as a cure. In such cases, you need a companion which can accomplish you throughout your day just like a reliable and lovable Dog.

Thankfully, some animals are one of those companions which can help people to cope with these health-related issues. They are called as Emotional support animals. These are mainly trained pet animals like mice, rat, dogs, cats, guinea pigs rabbit etc.

ESA Letter – Everything you need to Know

ESA Letter – Everything you need to Know

What is ESA letter?
Nowadays, so many diseases don’t have any possible medication to treat them completely. Emotional support is considered as one of the effective treatment but you can’t always accompany your pet with yourself. For this, Federal government has made laws, which allow an individual to take an ESA (Emotional Support Animal) with them. For this, you must have Emotional Support Animal Letter. In case you are unaware – It is described as a prescription document or the proof that you have some mental, physical or health-related disability. It is much-needed if you want to adopt an ESA animal.

Requirements of ESA letter
There are certain requirements for ESA letter. These are simple and don’t have that much official work. Following are the necessities in your ESA Letter or service dog letter

  • You must have a proof of your mental and health related disease.
  • Must have to name of the person to whom letter for emotional support animal may concern.
  • It should enlist name, address, and phone no. of the doctor or medical therapists who advised you for the emotional support dog letter (in case, you are bringing a dog)
  • The letter must state that you need ESA animal as a prescription or emotional support.
  • It must state that you need ESA as a prescription.
  • Must be written in an appropriate format.
  • The person giving you the ESA letter should be a. authorized or licensed doctor.
  • It will not be considered as a valid document if the ESA letter is more than a year old.
  • It must enlist that due to disorder, you are unfit to do any of your life activity.

ESA letter considerations

ESA letter can only be considered if you have mental health disorder which falls in diagnostic or in statistical mental disorders. According to federal government, these are specifically –

  • Diagnostic and statistical manual mental disorder
  • Mood disorder
  • Sexual disorder
  • Mental retardation
  • Post-traumatic stress
  • Neurological disorders
  • Central nervous disorder
  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Psychotic disorders
  • Learning disability

You can have your ESA animal at –
At some places for those medically unfit patients, Federal government has allowed animal entry where it was restricted period or which allow charges for these are:

Living Housing
According to the Federal Government, you are now free to have your dog at your home or housing building which is free of cost. Your landlord wouldn’t be allowed to ask for any charges for your dog or wouldn’t inquire about it.

Airlines will allow you to fly with your ESA and they are not going to charge you any fees so you can have your ESA animal with you at your flight which is restricted, if it’s a normal pet.

Official building
Now your Animal can give you company at your office also as a traditional supporter and no one can exempt you with this.

Any place where you need your ESA
You can freely have your ESA at any places where you think you may need them as a supporter. The only thing you have to note is your animal should be polite, not aggressive for other people and do not create problems to other.

Who can provide you this letter?

You can go to any certified medical and mental health professional. If he had diagnosed and notified your diseases with serious issues then you seriously need ESA animal. An letter with be issued to you for the same, giving you authority to bring an ESA to your home.

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