Advanced Research Programs Are Bringing Stunning Improvements

In a study done by Northeastern University and its AACSB online MBA department, there are 12 top startups that are known for their advanced research programs and practical solutions to healthcare problems. Since healthcare is one of the leading industries on the market today, it is very interesting to see these startups investing billions in research programs that focus on anything from genome sequencing to DNA testing and practical mobile apps.

The Beijing Genomics Institute, for example, is a well-known research organization whose main focus is to develop a genome sequencing machine. The research has produced a number of alternative solutions to chronic illness due to a better understanding of human DNA. Foundation Medicine, another startup featured in the infographic, focuses more on understanding DNA mutations to discover better treatments for specific types of cancer.

Learn more about these advanced research programs by reading the full infographic, 12 Startups That Are Changing the Future of Healthcare, by Northeastern University.

Northeastern University’s Master of Business Administration Online Program

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