4 Ways Technology Is Improving Healthcare and Health Imaging

In many ways, technology has transformed healthcare and the more specific fields within the industry, including health imaging and general care. Imaging technologies, the internet and various other advancements are taking healthcare to a whole new level. Here are the five ways technology is improving healthcare and health imaging.

Electronic Learning and Online Courses

Whether you’re pursuing a degree in nursing, completing the available courses here at Health Imaging Hub, or taking an online MSA degree to have better analytics skills, online courses and eLearning have changed the ways we study and get our degrees. There are more online learning providers today than there were a few years ago. Even top universities such as Villanova University are opening up online programs and courses to more students across the globe.

We’re seeing an increase in healthcare professionals thanks to eLearning too. More positions – from nursing to hospital management – are filled by online course graduates with a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Centralized Medical Imaging Systems

Through systems like Carestream and supporting technologies such as the Ultrasound ACUSON NX3 from Siemens, the ways we diagnose and treat our patients have been transformed as well. We no longer rely on paper documents and printed medical records just to get a clear understanding of the patient being treated. Everything is accessible online with the right access.

The centralized medical imaging systems are among the best advancements in healthcare technology. Doctors and practitioners in different areas can now work together and provide seamless, simultaneous care to their patients. It is also possible to maintain continuity and avoid problems of misdiagnosis along the way.

Information Security and Management

Health records are among the most guarded personal information out there. A lot of today’s best systems designed for healthcare providers have multiple layers of security measures in place. Doctors and practitioners can still access the information they need once they have access, but only authorized personnel can do that.

Information security in the healthcare industry has improved to a staggering degree. It is now possible to share information with surgical precision. A nurse can gain access to a specific portion of the patient’s medical record he or she needs to access.

Healthcare in the Cloud

The advancements in information security and other supporting technologies are making it possible to take the entire healthcare system to the cloud. Until very recently, a lot of patients still carried a flash drive or other storage device with their health records stored inside it. Today, anyone can have their medical history – complete with imaging data and past prescriptions or treatment history – stored in the cloud.

Patients are also given more control. They no longer need to rely on healthcare service providers to manage their personal health-related information. Independent service providers are offering similar services directly to end-users. This means the healthcare industry needs to step up its game and take these technological advancements to provide the best care possible. It will be interesting to see how much further technology can take us over the coming years.

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