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Patients Likely to Benefit from Health Information Exchanges Between Hospitals

Radiology News - Medical Imaging
As hospitals and doctors' offices throughout the country race to join online systems that enable them to share medical information securely, a new study proposes that these systems may already be reducing and cutting unnecessary care. Based on new findings by University of Michigan researchers published online in the jo...

Blocking DNA Repair Mechanisms may Improve Radiation Therapy for Brain Cancer

Radiology News - Medical Imaging
Based on a recent study, researchers at the UT Southwestern Medical Center have exhibited in both cancer cell lines and in mice that blocking vital DNA repair mechanisms could improve the overall efficiency of radiation therapy (RT) for often fatal brain tumors known as glioblastomas. RT leads to double-strand breaks in D...

Risk of Developing Lung Cancer for Breast Cancer Patients Treated with Radiotherapy

Radiology News - Medical Imaging
According to a recent study, women who undergo radiotherapy treatment for breast cancer   have a small but significantly increased risk of developing a primary lung tumor following treatment, to which further research has confirmed that this risk increases with the amount of radiation absorbed by the tissue over time.   Th...

Claron Awarded CE Mark for NilRead Diagnostic Zero-Footprint Medical Image Viewer

Radiology News - Medical Imaging
Opens European Headquarters March 3, 2014, Toronto — Claron Technology, the leader in universal medical imaging viewers, announces that it has been awarded the CE mark for its NilRead zero-footprint viewer for the diagnostic interpretation of medical images . Coinciding with this, Claron has opened European headquarters in Hasselt, Belgiu...